Bayreuth Tigers with a New Coach

Bayreuth Tigers with a New Coach

Farkas takes over!

Robin Farkas has been in charge of the coaching bench in Bayreuth since last Thursday. The Canadian, born February 12, 1967, in Mississauga, Ontario, CAN, will command the Bayreuth Tigers team until the end of the season.

Farkas, who was aiming to pursue a career as a professional, suffered a back injury at the age of only 16, so his dream of playing professional ice hockey came to an end for a while and he withdrew for a while. went.

Robin Farkas. Photo: Alex Byrds

However, the passion for the sport with black hard rubber discs was still so great that the decision to remain active as a coach was an almost logical consequence. Here he was active in his native Canada in juniors before daring to move to Europe and here to Switzerland. He assisted Jeff Tomlinson for three seasons at Rappersville and was able to celebrate his return to the Swiss league with him and the team. Farkas has not been active for the last two seasons due to health reasons and is now attacking again.

The 54-year-old Canadian is known to be a passionate, communicative and detail-loving coach who knows how to prepare his team in the best possible way to rival.

“I’m not going to talk about the Tigers’ past because I can’t judge here. We hit the reset button and start over. I firmly believe that you have to work hard at training to be successful. People worked hard today, which I really liked. My focus is on the different details that could be improved and the ones we are working on,” says Farkas, describing his first impressions of the Bayreuth tiger cage Happened.

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The new trainer attaches great importance to offensive defensive play, making the system geared toward existing players as well.

“I will look at the capabilities of each boy in today’s and tomorrow’s training. I was surprised how positive people were and can say they worked hard. Of course I liked that. Ice hockey is like a puzzle. Something is constantly changing. Injuries, covid and other things you can’t control right now. Here players have to slip into roles they may not be used to, but have to fill,” Farkas gives an early insight into his work.

The contract of the new coach is initially valid till the end of the current season. DEL2 has evolved very positively in recent years. Very good teams, players and coaches. I am proud to be a part of it now. I look forward positively and look forward to the challenge,” says Farkas, looking forward to his new role.

Matthias Wendel is also convinced that a new incentive has become necessary. “We had to change something now, because the slight upward movement you can see in the two games against Kassel and Weisswasser was not enough at the end. First – about 3 weeks ago – we expected the team to recover, which Unfortunately, that didn’t happen,” explains the managing director. Wendell also expressed his self-criticism about the recent voices that he had expressed his confidence in the coach before the last game: “Of course, it was a tight tread that I consciously admitted, which didn’t work even after.” Could.

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