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The expected defeat pitted Austria against hosts Canada. He improved himself several times against the Maple Leafs, but ended up conceding 11 goals.

Led by Canada’s next potential superstar, Conor Bedard, the medal contenders from North America secured their second victory. After only nine minutes it was 3–0 for the home team, who played their second game of these championships in front of 3,862 spectators at Rogers Place in Edmonton. Conor Bedard, who is in his second year in the Western Hockey League and only seventh 16-year-old Canadian with World Juniors, celebrated a flawless hat-trick and followed it up a little later – Bedard is also the first 16 Wayne Gretzky of 1977. Since-year hat-trick scorer. The red-white-red selection seemed overwhelming, especially in the first section of the game, in section 2 it was much better and you could test Canadian goalkeeper Brett Brochu with eight shots. at goal.

Lukas Nessini put Team Austria on the scoresheet after beating Brochu just before the second break. Canada changed the final section to pick up the pace again in the first few minutes and scored no less than five goals within just six minutes – including goal #4 for Conor Bedard, who with his four-pack described himself as the “man.” Off the Game”. And thus the first crack in world junior history, scoring four goals in a game at the age of only 16. The last point in the game was Austria – Mathias Böhm took advantage of a more substantial opportunity – coincidentally, the only one offered by Marco Peval’s team and set up a 2:11 final score.

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For Team Austria it was the expected tough game in the end, but you can take one or the other positive aspect with you – against a top team like Canada, you shot at least 22 times – Canada scored goalkeeper Leon Sommer Tested with over 64 shots. On Thursday evening (22:30 CET) Austria will play against the Czech Republic in an eternal duel with neighboring Germany on New Year’s Eve.

IIHF World Junior Championship 2022
Austria: Canada – 2:11 (0:5 | 1:1 | 1:5)

Tor: 0: 1 Johnson (6./pp), 0: 2 Cormier (7.), 0: 3 Stankoven (9.), 0: 4 Bedard (16./pp), 0: 5 Bedard (17.) , 0:6 Bedard (27.), 1:6 Nesney (40.), 1:7 Parfetti (41.), 1:8 Bedard (43.), 1:9 McTavish (45.), 1:10 McTwish (46.), 1:11 Börk (47.), 2:11 Böhm (53./pp), Build: Keith Hershmiller/WHL

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