Beezy Madden explains why he retired from elite sports

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The Canadian Sport Horse Association organized a course with show jumper Beezie Madden and her husband John. The “Canadian Horse Journal” reported on this and explained, among other things, why one of the world’s best show jumpers returned him from top-class sport.

During this seminar, Madden (58) again explained what he has done in 2020 announced Was: “I want to slow down. I’m not seriously trying to get into championship teams or stay in the world rankings. We did that for a long time and I lost interest in it.” “Quite a long time” spans the decades after Beazy Madden made her mark on the game. He played his first World Cup final in 1987.

That team was the Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008. 2008 also saw individual bronze, and 2016 took home the USA. Silver in Rio,

on three world equestrian sport There were two silver and two bronze medals for Madden. She was a member of the team at the Pan American Games four times, winning two gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

She’s won twelve World Cup finals twice, most recently in 2018 with a Breitling LS, which she still rides in the big tour from time to time – but only if both feel like it. Because Madden has a tumor. It’s not life-threatening, but it affects his sense of balance from time to time. “Some days I’m 100 percent fit, other days I’m a little foggy,” Madden said. That’s why she doesn’t want to ride for a team.

was before this message of Canadian Horse Journal deployment of.

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madden method

At the symposium, Beezzie and John Madden present their method, of which Madden says, “the special thing is that it is not special”: “It is about taking good care of the horse every day. Putting his well-being first. ” For her, training mainly consists of “basics, basics, basics, dressage work, gymnastics, jumping”.

Madden also promoted breeding: “Breeding is more of a passion than a business and we need more people to breed. Every year there are more FEI riders. Just more people and more tournaments but less breeding. Hence good horses.” It’s really hard to find.” In fact, most US show jumpers buy horses from Europe.

And if you need a little more Madden inspiration, says John Madden, “horseback riding is like trying to empty a swimming pool with a spoon. It’s really hard work and it takes a long time.”

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