Better Than Expected Standard Version of Apple Cell Phones

Better Than Expected Standard Version of Apple Cell Phones
It’s amazing how good the normal iPhone 13’s camera is – do you still need a pro? (image source: giga)

Visually, the iPhone 13 may not have changed much compared to its predecessor, but technically the new Apple cell phone wins tremendously. With regards to the camera in particular, even the cheaper standard model is surprising with performance you probably wouldn’t expect.


In a current review by renowned camera pros from DxOMark, it turns out: that The Simple iPhone 13 Is Better Than Last Year’s Expensive Pro Version And finally the iPhone 12 also comes down to the same level as the Pro Max (source: dxomark)

Camera performance: iPhone 13 beats iPhone 12 Pro

In its entirety, the camera receives iPhone 13 Impressive 130 Points, just like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Last year’s regular Pro model will have to be content with 128 points. Sounds like a close thing, doesn’t it? Perhaps, but if you consider that the hundreds of euro cheaper model in Apple’s portfolio photographically “gets” last year’s top model, it’s much more than surprising.

Worth mentioning: a worse result for the “older” Pro model is only prevented by a particular feature upon closer inspection. so can iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max score higher on zoom alone To Win. This is not surprising, common features iphone 13 But still with only two lenses (wide and ultra wide angle), the Pro versions, however, also have a telephoto lens. In turn, the 13er pulls straight towards the 12 Pro Max in the Pure Photo evaluation and beats even the ordinary 12 Pro. NS The newcomer gets the remaining plus points in the video evaluation, which will need to be plugged into both Pro models from 2020.

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iPhone 13 (Mini) vs. iPhone 13 Pro (Max) – i video There is a comparison:

The Standard Model is becoming attractive again

already DxOMark tests the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 mini. Photographically, these are similar in evaluation to their sister models. Meaning: The iPhone 13 Pro Max has also got 137 points and the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are tied with 130 points.

In short: In 2021, professional camera results will no longer require the iPhone Pro. This fact makes the standard model even more attractive once it was launched by Apple Increase in storage facilities Managed to score well first.

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