Biathlon: Single Mixed Relay – German duo away

Biathlon: Single Mixed Relay - German duo away

At the end of the World Cup in Nov Mesto, the German singles are a disappointment for the mixed relay. In the Swedish win, Jenna Hettich and Roman Rees do not figure in the top ten.

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Janina Hettich and Roman Reis clearly missed a podium at the end of the Biathlon World Cup at Nowow Mesto in the Czech Republic. Both came in eleventh after twelve spare rounds in the singles mixed and still had the worst result of a German team in a youth competition. The German Ski Association (DSV) failed to make it to the podium in this discipline in season three races.

The victory was surprisingly achieved with Svedis (0 penalties + 7 spares) ahead of Norway (0 + 6) with Sebastian Samuelsson and Lynn Persson.

Samuelsson domestically caught Norway’s final runner-up Stirla Holm Legrid. The third was surprisingly the pair of Susan Dunkley and Sean Doherty from the United States (0 + 7).

The German team was 1: 39.5 minutes behind the victorious Swedes. In fact Eric Lesser, who was in the German team for this competition, was given a break due to the abundance of races.

After the final team competition of the season, it is now time for the World Cup final in teamstersund, Sweden. From Friday, there will be three more individual races for women and men.

Biathlon: Single Mixed Relay at Nove Mesto – Final Results

place Name Time / backlog
1 Sweden 37: 41,4
2 Norway + 1,5
3 America + 26,1
4 Austria + 40,4
1 1 Germany + 1: 39,5

Biathlon: Single Mixed Relay at Nove Mesto: Ticker to Read

Germany won again

The German team was also beaten in the singles mixed and could not participate in the battle of the podium. With twelve extra rounds, Jenna Hettich and Roman Rees only jumped out of position.

Austria in fourth place

This was not quite as effective with the Austrians, even though you could always fight from the front. Lisa Theresa Hauser and Simon Eider finished fourth ahead of Russia and France. It is also clear that Norway will win the mixed World Cup, as France lags behind Norway.

Sweden celebrated victory!

Sebastian Samuelson closes the gap, sits next to the contestants from Norway and actually pulls past before finishing to secure the Swords victory in the singles mixed relay. This will be the second for Norway. USA is the big surprise, finishing the podium in third place.

Laegreid has to fight

Sturla Holm Laegreid is challenged again on her final lap! Samuelson gets closer and closer from behind and now only has a few meters between the two athletes.

Last shoot

It is going to the big show! In the last shoot, the pressure is now very good for everyone involved. Sturla Holm Laegreid and Sebastian Samuelsson both shoot fast. But only LaGreide, who is to hit the track for the first time, is sure to hit the mark. But Samuelson is still there: Five seconds behind he is tackling the last lap.

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Samuelson jump here

Sebastian Samuelsson is increasing the pressure on the track and is able to reduce the Norwegian gap. Now there is a pair at the top. Seven seconds behind, the USA and Austria await their chance. The other teams are clearly behind and there is hope for the four top pairing big mistakes that are still capable of mixing for the podium.

7. Shoot

Shooting Roman Rees is difficult now. He struggles with reloading and slips a cartridge with his fingers. With three spare rounds it finally goes back on track and the interval is over a minute. It will no longer be about the podium!

7. Shoot

Stirla Holm Legrid and Sean Doherty arrive at the shooting range. After a while, Austria and Sweden will follow. Who is the best to get away from here? Lagared! Norway leads with an extra. Sweden is the new runners-up with five goals. The United States and Austria lag far behind each other.

Sweden is catching

Sebastian Samuelsson has been under pressure since the beginning and has now run up to Simon Eder, who is a bit weak in terms of running. Antonin Guigonut, who has narrowed his gap to 26.7 seconds, is also building steam.

last change

The final change has been made and we are entering the exciting final leg of this race. Norway is 1.1 seconds ahead of the United States. Austria is in third place, ahead of Sweden and France. Germany is in sixth place. Switzerland moves to eleventh place.

6. shoot

The last shooting continues for women. They have to prove themselves once again before sending the men to the final round. Tandrevold starts safe, but has to reload in the last shot and leaves the door open again for the contest! Dunkley also has to reload, but is completely too fast and sits too close behind Norway when he walks away from the shooting range. Hauser also had to take off again, but kept his pair in the race with third place. For Hettich, it continues in the sixth with an extra.

Hauser reduces backlog

The United States sets out in the direction of Norway, but behind them Hauser and Persson are making ground together and are able to overcome Norway’s leadership a bit. Hettich is holding up well and has just passed Russian.

5. shoot

Ingrid Landmark arrives at the Tanderwold shooting range and throws herself on the mat for a prone shot. First the shot sits, then the error occurs and will have to be reloaded once. Can Hauser use it now? No! He also has to take off. So it stays ahead for Norway, while Hauser eventually needs two extra rounds. As a result, the United States and Sweden slipped again. In fourth place is Austria. Hettich is also doing really well. With fast and safe shooting, she makes seconds on the best teams.

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Howzer tuned

Lisa Theresa Hauser is off to a good start and may even walk a little behind Norway. However, the USA is losing significantly again within a short period of time.

2. Change

Soon after the shooting, the change is about to happen again. Norway has developed a lead of 14.6 seconds. In second place, Austria is ahead of the United States and Italy. Germany are seventh behind 35.9 seconds. After three extra rounds through Hartweg, Switzerland were back in 13th place in the fourth shooting.

4. Shoot

Permanent assault for men is on schedule. Guigonnat starts quickly, but just as quickly he makes the first mistake and eventually also the penalty loop! Sturla Holm Laegreid does better and can overcome it with just one reload. Eder walks straight back and was able to overcome all the pans again. And what about Reece? It has to be reloaded, but all in all it moves up all the places.

Distance increases

The deficit increases again before the fourth shooting. Only Rees was able to hold on a bit for the German duo under the direction of Norway and France.

Top duo

Sturla Holm Laegreid is currently leading the race just ahead of Antonin Guigonat. The contestants behind lost. Ukraine is already 15.7 seconds behind and the USA and Austria have also lost a few seconds.

3. shoot

It’s about everything again at the shooting range! Norway and France come in full and with five goals they make it to the top. The Ukraine pair follows with 11.9 seconds. Simon Eider reveals that he is one of the best shooters and he also ends up with a zero. With a quick shoot it was also ahead for Switzerland! Roman Rees needed an extra and is back on track in the eleventh spot.

Close everything together

France has a small leadership on the front, everything has come together behind them and there are still many possible changes in the situation. The first group includes Norway. Austria and Germany run in the second group.

First change

Soon after the shooting, the first change is scheduled to take place. Julia Simon sends her partner Antonin Guigonat on the round. 4.9 seconds behind, Italy overtook Canada. Austria comes in eighth, 19.8 seconds behind, and Hauser sends Eider into his lap. Hettich entered the transition zone in tenth place and handed over to Roman Rees. Position 14 is for Switzerland. Here Hartweg is now on the go.

2. shoot

And the next lap in this fast race has already been completed. The athletes are back at the shooting range and are now aiming while standing. The air is hard again and the pans close quickly. No one from the top group can now leave without any extra part. Julia Simon does best with a spare and is now heading the field. Italy follows both before Canada. Hauser and Hettich needed three extra rounds for their pair. Switzerland is already in the penalty loop!

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It pushes together

Unexpectedly, it quickly pushed itself back together on the route. Hauser ran up to Dunkley and is now leading in the race. Tandrevold was also able to significantly reduce their losses. Hetich’s backlog has been something like this.

1. shoot

It does not take long and the crowd has already arrived at the shooting range. First, the prone stop is about hitting the target. Dunkley considered the task to be the best for the United States. Alyssa Gasparin leaves herself directly behind for Switzerland. Even in Hauser, all targets are falling. Hettich has to reload once and is back on lap 14.7 seconds. There is a lot left to do!

Top favorite

The favorites from Norway and France will take the lead in the group and set the pace for the first few meters.

the race is on

The opening shot has been fired and the track has boilers! Julia Simon is on the road to France. Ingrid Landmark begins for Tanderwold Norway. Janina Hettich defeated the German team. Lisa Theresa Hauser and Alyssa Gasparin set for Austria and Switzerland. The 26 relays are initially after Slovenia was withdrawn on short notice.

Before you begin:

Czech Ondrej Mørvev faces his final competition. The 36-year-old announced his retirement before domestic competitions and will resume today before hanging up his skis. His greatest successes include three Olympic medals and six World Cup medals.

Before you begin:

The German duo with Janina Hettich and Roman Rees is not one of the favorites today, but their previous performances in Nove Mesto have been very mixed. But, as is well known, a team competition has its own rules. Especially since other countries have not chosen the strongest pair and conditions in Nov Mesto are not easy today with the changing winds.

Before you begin:

The singles mixed relay was run twice this winter and on both occasions it was the French pair that eventually made it to the top of the podium. Today, when it comes to victory, he is again a big favorite. The French team will be formed by Julia Simon and Antonin Guigonat. It is also important to keep an eye on the Norwegian people along with Ingrid Landmark Tanderwold and Stirla Holm Laegrid.

Before you begin:

In the singles mixed relay, each nation nominates two contestants for the race, each pair consisting of a man and a woman. In total, the two team members complete four laps, so that each runner is in action twice.

Before you begin:

The last race for the World Cup in Nov Mesto will be at 1.45 pm. Earlier (10.25 am) the Billets are still in the mixed relay team competition.

Before you begin:

Hello and welcome to the solo mixed relay at Nove Mesto.

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