Biden pipeline construction shutdown economy

Biden pipeline construction shutdown economy

The new US president does not want oil from the tar sands of Canada. The province of Alberta is considering seeking compensation from the United States for this.

Canada’s oil province Alberta’s government is raging, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is frustrated, environmental and climate protector: Inside, though: Cheer: On his inauguration, US President Joe Biden received approval for controversial construction of Alberta in the US The oil sands is about to abort, bringing pipelines to transport oil. Earlier, the nearly six billion euro project approved by President Donald Trump is in danger of being terminated.

Jason Kenny, the prime minister of the Canadian province of Alberta in which the oil sands are located, begged: “This is a punch in the pit of the stomach.” He criticized the fact that Biden had not waited and listened to him. Canadian side again. “It’s not how you treat a friend.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is committed to protecting the climate on the one hand, but supports Keystone XL on the other, expressed his disappointment. At the same time, however, he had to certify to Biden that “he is fulfilling the promise of an election campaign for Keystone XL”.

On the other hand, environmentalists are happy: on both sides of the border, who have been fighting the project for more than a decade. “Biden’s decision to reject Keystone XL on day one signals a new era,” Anthony Swift of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group that criticizes oil extraction from oil sands.

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American media also cited the Fatith Spotted Eagle from the indigenous people of the Yankton Sioux in South Dakota. He called Biden’s decision important to indigenous people: “Our rights have been recognized.” Biden’s decision comes as no surprise, as he announced his rejection of the project during the election campaign.

Keystone XL is the Canadian-American, Texas-based company behind the project, TC Energy. Biden was Vice President under Biden Obama when he rejected the pipeline in 2015. Trump overturned the decision shortly after assuming office in January 2017.

The 1900-kilometer-long Keystone XL pipeline, which has been planned for more than ten years, is expected to bring 830,000 barrels of bitumen oil daily from Alberta to refineries in the southern United States. It aims to complement and expand the existing keystone pipeline system, through which 600,000 barrels of crude oil per day flows.

Keystone XL is scheduled to run through Montana and Nebraska from Hardity, Alberta, where it is to be connected to the existing Keystone Pipeline network. From there, heavy fuel oil has to flow partly through existing pipelines, partly to be built as well, to refineries in Illinois and Texas.

Environmentalists are raging against the project, which is estimated at ten billion Canadian dollars – about six to seven billion euros – because they fear the environment and high carbon dioxide emissions from oil production in the event of leaks. For environmentalists: Inside, oil from tar sands is “dirty oil”. It is obtained from coarse bitumen. Its production is energy-intensive and expensive.

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The province of Alberta has invested 1.5 billion Canadian dollars in the construction of the pipeline. Kenny announced that the province was considering legal action to overturn Biden’s decision or seek compensation. Also, according to Kenny, 2000 jobs will be lost due to the construction freeze.

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