Biden wants to reconsider relations with Saudi Arabia

Biden wants to reconsider relations with Saudi Arabia

Help Russia with oil decision

Kirby clarified that the United States largely blamed Saudi Arabia for the production cuts: the country was clearly a leader in the cartel, he said in an interview with reporters. The decision will help Russia at a time when the US is convinced that no one should support Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin.

A day earlier, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez called for a major moratorium on military cooperation with Saudi Arabia, including arms deliveries. His aide Dick Durbin made a similar statement on CNN: “We now know the Saudis have turned their backs on us. They would rather be allied with Putin than the United States.” Democrats currently hold a narrow majority in the House of Representatives and control the Senate. Parliamentary elections are due in November.

OPEC+ wants to reduce production volumes

The oil alliance, of which Saudi Arabia is a key member, announced last Wednesday that it would produce two million barrels (159 liters) less oil per day than in November. This is the biggest cut in oil production in a long time. On the other hand, the United States has been demanding that OPEC+ turn on the oil tap for months – that too in the interest of the global economy.

Biden traveled to Saudi Arabia in July and faced criticism in the United States. Among other things, he was accused of ignoring human rights violations in Saudi Arabia to drive down oil and petrol prices.

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