“Big Celebrity Tapasya”: You are the winner! , Entertainment

"Big Celebrity Tapasya": You are the winner!  ,  Entertainment

“Great Celebrity Penance” ,

you are winner!

The show “The Big Celebrity Pains” (Pro 7) set itself the goal of making righteous reality stars out of trash celebrities who were difficult to train.

But will this ambitious experiment really work out in the end? It almost looked like this in the final on TV on Thursday evening…

Teamwork instead of Ego Journey! Indeed, former tennis pro Daniel Koehler (38) actually angered other celebrities with his constant nagging and provocation. Just in time for the finale, the blatant bachelor was moving on to be a team player.

Danielle Kollerer (right) pulls herself together in the tunnel

Photo: ProSieben

In an escape challenge, Daniels suddenly finds himself behind – and teammate Daniele Negroni (27) falls in love with him.

In an unused tunnel system, two celebrities have to look for clues to the exit – faster than the competing team with YouTuber Simex (21) and Fürst-Ex Ennesto Monté (47). Both the celebrities supported each other unconditionally, always cheering each other. Daniels said excitedly: “I can’t put into words what they put in. They pushed me to peak performance.”

Enesto (left) and Danielle

Enesto (left) and Danielle

Photo: ProSieben

And so on to the win and straight into the final game!

Daniel and Daniel attack together, Carina (26) just sad. Because her camp flirt Calvin (30) took off just before the finale, crocodile tears rolled over the pre-bachelor beauty. The affected person even thought of going out early. It’s just stupid that he won the individual challenge and made it to the finals.

Carina disappointed: “I think I’m the only one who really wanted to go home and now I have the golden ticket, I’m going to the finals and I have to endure one more night here.”

There are worse things … After all, the final was worth about 50,000 euros!

In the final “Gold Digger” challenge, Carina, Daniels and Daniels have to cross a course made of electric cables before digging for a gold rod in a large pile of sand.

With a bigger vehicle we went to the final challenge

With a bigger vehicle we went to the final challenge

Photo: ProSieben

The Big Question of Conscience: Alone or Together? Celebrities were allowed to compete against each other or as a team against time (maximum of 15 minutes). However, this also meant that the profit would be shared among the teams.

Big surprise: Daniels also picked the team. Former tennis pro: “Anyone who is selfish now and says: ‘No, I want 50,000 alone’ will show that he hasn’t learned anything in the last few days.”

Elena Miras, Simex and Calvin Kleinen sent all the way

Sent via Elena Miras, Simex and Calvin Kleinen (from left)

Photo: ProSieben / Nikola Milatovic

Listen, listen… totally new voices from ego celebrity!

Together, the trinity of new celebrity humility managed to find the gold bar just before time ran out and emerge from the show together as the winning team.

No one expected that when the broadcast started…

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