Big disruption! EC card payment is not possible in many supermarkets

Big disruption!  EC card payment is not possible in many supermarkets


Trouble for supermarket customers across Germany! Card payment was not possible on Tuesday afternoon (May 24) at various branches of Netto, Aldi, Rossmann, dm and other stores. This is probably a network issue with the provider of the required software Huth.

Particularly Affected by: Net

The branches of Neto Marken-Discount were particularly affected. There were also branches of Edeka and Reeve. Payment by bank and debit card was not possible. The magazine “Focus” first reported on the disruption. Meanwhile, Twitter is full of complaints.

Huth, the provider of the software, said the equipment could not access the data needed to process the payment transfer. Work is being done to rectify the problem.

ATM not affected

Dresden’s consumer retail chain also wrote on Facebook about the nationwide failure of card payments at supermarkets. There are also talks of failures with card providers and various banks.

Many supermarket customers had to make do without the goods. ATMs are not currently affected by the disruption. ,aeon,

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