“Bigger and bolder than its predecessor” – Dev Video

"Bigger and bolder than its predecessor" - Dev Video

A developer video from Keokan Interactive provides a preview of the “Delivered Us the Moon” sequel. At the same time, an article from the studio’s founder contains interesting details about the sci-fi adventure.

“Delivered Us Mars” is said to be bigger and bolder than its predecessor. During development, staff drew inspiration from ambitious projects, including Naughty Dog’s blockbuster title The Last of Us Part 2. This information and more revealed the head of the developer studio responsible in an official playstation items,

Expect another epic adventure with a science fiction setting. The player experiences an emotional story in which humanity is grappling with major problems caused by climate change. Ten years after the events of the first branch, the final extinction of the human race is near.

To avoid sinking, the newly introduced hero must track down three colony ships to Mars after receiving a distress call. You’ll find out what it is as the game progresses.

According to the studio boss, Red Planet offers “infinite potential for storytelling”. Not only can you explore the dusty surface, but you can also see frozen craters and gorges.

Planned Ray Tracing Effects for PS5

What improvements have the developers made? For the first time, the cast was put through motion capture for a more emotional story. Of course, the team also refined the game mechanics and implemented a travel system reminiscent of PlayStation classics like Tomb Raider and Uncharted. Retracing effects are also used on Sony’s PS5 for realistic shadows and reflections.

The Deliver Us Mars Announcement:

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Deliver Us Mars is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The publisher has yet to announce an exact release date.

The current developer video reveals more details and shows off some game scenes from Mars Adventure:

more news about bless us,

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