“Biggest Loser”: Fabienne was bullied in kindergarten

"Biggest Loser": Fabienne was bullied in kindergarten

So small and already so drawn out!

In “The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples”, candidates were asked to paint on a canvas they found beautiful in their own right. Desperate candidate Fabien (16, starting weight 95.3 kg).

The 16-year-old FSJ student immediately waved it to “mental activity”: “The whole subject of self-love is not my thing.”

Then she added: “It always started in kindergarten, that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t the skinniest kid, that I was bullied. You just eat it so deeply in your heart that you believe in something else.” can not do.”

Birgit in conversation with psychologistPhoto: Sat.1

Camp psychologist Hasina Bahlol-Schroer was immediately there. Mother Birgit (starting at 44, weight 115kg) to psychologist: “Fabienne has phases where she sat down crying and said: ‘I’m so ugly.’ I think it’s really sad. You’re beautiful, Fabienne.” But for Fabienne this comment only made things worse!

Bahlol-Schroer observed the situation: “Birgit wanted to help her daughter and tried desperately to talk to Fabien. Fabien couldn’t accept it.”

Only later did Fabienne admit: “Mother meant well. But I could not see and accept it at the moment, it was more difficult for me. At that point I was very tired of my nerves and just wanted to leave.”

Birgit and Fabienne sing with Schlager at home

Birgit and Fabienne sing along to a hit song at homePhoto: Sat.1

The psychologist told mom Birgit in an interview: “It was important for me to re-shed light on this mother-daughter relationship.” Because it’s not easy for office clerk Birgit to watch her daughter suffer: “To be honest, I don’t. I don’t understand why she doesn’t find herself beautiful.”

The conversation took effect! Before the weekly scales, there was a brief discussion between mother and daughter. Fabienne to his mother: “If someone tells you that you are beautiful and you are great and you don’t see it; If everyone told you to do this – it would be even worse! I’d really love to be alone then.”

Understanding by Birgit: “It’s good to know, so it’s not a problem for me. I’m not angry or anything.”

Unfortunately, for the mother-daughter duo, Libra’s “Biggest Loser” journey was already over. Painful, too, to camp manager Christine Theis: “I’d love to be here too.”

Mom was fighting Birgit goodbye: “We know what we have to do.”

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