Black Forest in Canada on TV

Black Forest in Canada on TV


Photo Black Forest in Canada - SWR/SR

Photo: SWR


Photo: Disney

The Jungle Book – Sat 1 at 8:15 PM
Live-action adaptation of the famous story of Mowgli (Neil Sethi), who has to flee the jungle because the evil tiger Sheer Khan does not tolerate human children in his kingdom. Luckily the boy is not alone and can count on his friends Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear.


Photo: 20th Century Fox

Braveheart – 20:15 RDTTWE
It’s the dark years of the Middle Ages in the 13th century when King Edward I takes control of Scotland and kills the wife of Highlander Wallace (Mel Gibson). He vows to take revenge on the occupiers and builds an army of peasants and landlords. Together they fearlessly advance in the fight against English supremacy.


Photo: ZDF and Thomas Coast

Wilsburg – Uninvited Guest – 8:15 pm ZDF
In fact, Wilsberg (Leonard Lancic) and Ekki (Oliver Koritke) just wanted to go to lunch with their colleague Tessa (Patricia Meaden). However, when another guest arrives at the restaurant, the lawyer panics. It’s about ex-convict Sven Degen (Michael Pink), who vows to get revenge on Tessa once she put him behind bars. Wilsberg and Ecki want to prevent the two from meeting.


Photo: ZDF/Rudolf Wernicke

Ella Shawn – Family Ties – 3 at 5:30 pm
Ella’s (Annette Fryer) life is on a quiet path again, when the next catastrophe is already looming: Janis (Joseph Heinert) has not lived without flirting with an acquaintance from Greece, now he is going to be a father. Is. To compensate for the stress at home, Ella begins kung fu training and contacts her instructor, Arndt Engler (Oliver Stein).

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Photo: Universal

Adventure Island – 10:25pm RTLZWEI
Nim lives with her father on an enchanted island. His friends are iguanas, sea lions and pelicans. While her father goes on a new adventure, she must take care of the island and protect the house from invaders with the help of her friends.

3 The Frog King 2008

Photo: ARD / Daniel Flasher

The Frog King – 08:55 ARD
Princess Sophie (Sydonie von Kresigk) celebrates her 18th birthday, but the celebration cannot hide her anxiety that Sophie must marry Prince Frederick. His path seems preordained until his mother’s mysterious golden ball falls down the well. The Frog King speaks and transforms the girl into a confident maiden who knows how to get her way.


Photo: Konstantin Film

Five Friends 2 – 8:55 am ZDF
George, Dick, Anne, Julian and the dog Timmy want to spend the holidays together again. But in Katzenmoor, Dick is kidnapped and suddenly a new adventure begins for the five friends. A thief (OLIVER KORITKE) is after an emerald, will the kids be able to save their friend and the gem?


Photo: ZDF/John Ailes

Rosamunde Pilcher: Reunion at Rose Abbey – 1:45pm ZDF
Roseanne (Anja Boche) is actually in England looking for her biological father, but she finds love in Adrian (Florian Fitz). Can it be good in the long run?


Photo: Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

Grown Ups 2 – 8:15 PM VOX
Ex-Hollywood star Lenny has moved back with his family to his old hometown so the kids can lead a normal life. His friends from high school are already waiting there to relive the old days and explore the city with him.

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