Blueberries seem to reverse cognitive decline

Blueberries seem to reverse cognitive decline

Protecting brain health with wild blueberries

blueberries seem to be one improve cognitive performance It counteracts the cognitive decline that occurs naturally in old age and thus may also contribute to protection against dementia.

In a new study by experts University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has studied how people with cognitive problems are affected when they are a . make use of wild blueberry powder Eat. The results can be found in the Journal of the English Language.nutritional neuroscience” for reading.

The research involved people with cognitive problems

The new research is a so-called randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study. in check participants with cognitive problems randomly assigned to either a treatment or a control group.

In this process, the so-called . cognitive difficulties were identified by the results of moca test (Montreal Cognitive Assessment).

Participants consumed blueberry powder for six months

treatment group participants took part in the duration of six months Everyday powder made from wild blueberries. In contrast, participants in the control group only received a placebo powder. In addition, participants who had no cognitive problems were Reference group Involved.

The participants were at the beginning and at the end of the study with the help of each so-called Cambridge Neurological Test Automated Battery (cantab) and a . with electrophysiological paradigm Tested, experts report.

Blueberry improved processing speed

According to the researchers, the results of testing specific cognitive abilities with CANTAB showed that processing speed The group of people who consumed blueberries improved compared to those who received only the placebo powder.

The inclusion of blueberries eventually resulted in an even improve processing speed Feather reference group level, according to the team. Improving processing speed through consumption of blueberry powder by participants in Age 75 to 80 years most obvious.

In short, consumption of wild blueberry powder over a period of six months cognitive signs of aging opposed by information processing speed There was an increase in older adults. (as)

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  • Carol L. Cheetham, L. Grant Canip III, Grace Milsap, Julie M. Stegall, Xiao Ching Chai, et al.: A six-month intervention with wild blueberries improved processing speed in mild cognitive decline: a double-blind, placebo -controlled, randomized clinical trials.; In: Nutritional Neuroscience (published 06.09.2022), nutritional neuroscience

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