Boeing’s unfortunate pilot 737 Max – is that the US Air Traffic Control Authority slowed the economy

Boeing's unfortunate pilot 737 Max - is that the US Air Traffic Control Authority slowed the economy

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing cannot get out of negative headlines.

A new, unreliable slope was found in the acceptance of Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft after United Airlines’ 777 passenger aircraft engine went into flames last week. In some cases, the same Boeing engineer responsible for the design of the aircraft involved in the crash would have certified it on behalf of the FAA!

The US Department of Transportation said this in a report published Wednesday about Boeing’s 737 Max’s safety inspection. After two accidents, it was banned starting worldwide for months.

The Ministry is therefore seeking something that must actually be in place for the safety acceptance of passenger jets: the Air Traffic Control Authority must guarantee that employees who perform certification work are “sufficiently independent”.

Not only is the 63-page report inconvenient for the troubled aircraft manufacturer, but smacks for the FAA. The authority had “no comprehensive understanding of the security system” that was linked to the accidents of Indonesian “Lion Air” in October 2018 and one of the “Ethiopian Airlines” allegations in March 2019.

“Weaknesses in management and supervision” were also cited.

The FAA was guilty. The agency agreed to follow all 14 of the report’s recommendations for a safe approval process and said it had made “significant progress” in implementing the requirements.

The successful Boeing 737 Max model was removed from service in March 2019, when both crashed with 346 deaths. Problems with the control system were thought to be the cause of the crash. The US Aviation Authority approved flight operations again in mid-November following software updates and conditions such as pilot training.

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