Brisbane – Los Angeles: Airbus A330 to Qantas employees . to build caves in

Brisbane - Los Angeles: Airbus A330 to Qantas employees .  to build caves in

The Australian airline uses an Airbus A330-200 on its route from Brisbane to Los Angeles. Quiet and privacy are clearly neglected for the cabin crew.

It’s pure joy for the kids: making a den out of blankets and chairs. When cabin crew members on an airplane are forced to do something like this, it’s a lot less fun. The airline in question is Qantas.

Cabin crew members reported to Australian broadcaster 9 newsThat on a flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles, which takes 13 hours or more than 14 hours in the opposite direction, a used Airbus A330-200 doesn’t have enough room to rest. Photos show crew members working with blankets on economy row seats to get some comfort with the privacy they need.

curtain should bring solution

The Flight Attendants Association is with Qantas demanding an additional rest day. She accuses the airline of relying more on New Zealand employees now, where there are less strict rules. Qantas claims the union is preventing Australian workers from being deployed.

An airline spokesperson announced that the issue would be resolved in the Airbus A330. Curtains will be installed to create a relaxation area with ample privacy for the cabin crew. This will happen in the next six weeks.

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