Bundeswehr mandate: Lambrecht doubts Mali mission

Bundeswehr mandate: Lambrecht doubts Mali mission

Thus: 04/09/2022 8:07 pm

A junta with close ties to Russia, a suspected massacre by Mali’s military: the future of the Bundeswehr’s deployment in Mali is becoming more and more questionable. During a visit, Defense Minister Lambrecht again expressed doubts.

Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has again questioned the Bundeswehr’s involvement in the troubled West African state. After visiting German troops in Mali, the SPD politician said that the values ​​of Mali’s transitional military government did not match those of Germany. Since the coup last May, the beleaguered state has been led by a junta that maintains close ties with Russia.

“Then I don’t see any future for even this mandate”

Lambrecht said that by participating in the EU’s training mission EUTM, Germany trains Malian soldiers who take action alongside the Russian military and possibly mercenaries and possibly commit crimes or human rights violations. “Then it is against our values. And then I see no future for this mandate,” the minister said.

Lambrecht requested an independent investigation into a Malian military operation in the central city of Moura in late March. According to Human Rights Watch, Malian soldiers are said to have killed some 300 civilians, some of them suspected Islamist fighters – possibly in collaboration with the Russian military.

Bundestag makes a decision at the end of May

According to Lambrecht, a transparent, full investigation of the crime is the basis for further cooperation with Germany, the European Union and the United Nations. In the case of UN Mission Minusma, Germany would have to see if and how France’s capabilities could be changed after its planned troop withdrawal from Mali, so as to guarantee the safety of German troops.

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Lambrecht said the main focus is on skills such as the use of medical supplies, attack helicopters and airspace security in Gao. They are working “under high pressure on the solution”. At the end of May, the Bundestag intends to make a decision on the extension of the mandate in Mali.

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