Bushido moves to Dubai with his family

Bushido moves to Dubai with his family

IThere was an awkward moment at the end of the t test. last wednesday was the rapper bushido Called once again as witnesses in the trial of his former manager, Arafat Abu-Chakr, and his three brothers. Bushido had already left, and the continuation of his interrogation was postponed indefinitely. only when? The defense of the accused asked why Mr. Anis Ferchichi, as Bushido’s real name, could not be invited for the next day of hearing. The judge chuckled. That will be discussed “later”, outside the courtroom.

The rapper was apparently stopped. Anyone who follows his wife, Anna-Maria Ferrucci, on Instagram or reads the “Build” newspaper, may wonder why since Monday. Apparently, the Ferchichis moved to Dubai with their seven children over the weekend. The plans of the family were known for a long time. This saves Ferchichi’s taxes and the police protection that has been with him since his argument with Abu-Chakars. The project was apparently implemented over the weekend. One reason may be that the new school year in the German school will begin next Monday, according to the “Bild” newspaper, which cited a “confidant”.

What this means for the trial in Berlin district court, now slated to run until January 2023, remains to be seen. As the defense seeks to prove that the rapper was untrue in his allegations, they would like to see him again as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Bushido can prepare for the survey in the sun.

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