By Calibari: Microsoft is changing its default font

By Calibari: Microsoft is changing its default font

In the coming year, the standard font will change to Microsoft. After about 15 years of Calibari. It is not yet decided which font will win the race. Users can choose between the five candidates that Microsoft has now presented.

Not all new fonts require serifs. They call themselves Bierstadt, Tenorite, Skina, Seaford and Grandview. Microsoft described him as “humanitarian, geometric, with Swiss appeal, and industrially” in his style. All designers explained their ideas Website for new font. Fonts can already be fully used in Microsoft 365 cloud services. Microsoft wants to collect feedback through social media and decide in the coming months.

Tenorite Erin comes from McLaughlin and Wei Huang and has a “traditional workhorse” look, it is very classic overall. Microsoft writes that elaborate letters convey an open sentiment. It also borrows from the Times New Roman, but is hot.

Bierstadt Steve Matteson is a modern typeface, inspired by the mid-20th century Swiss typography: simple and rational, easy to read. The 1957 Helvetica is the best example of the Swiss font of the time. Bierstadt should give the digital world a human touch. The name is borrowed from a mountain in the Rocky Mountains.

Skina Developed by John Hudson and Paul Hanslow. It should also be “humanitarian”. The thickness of the letters also varies with the foothills. Hanslow attempted to summarize the best features of several periods.

Seaford According to Microsoft, Tobias Ferres-Jones, Nina Stossinger and Fred Schalkras have originated with older types of serifs. It is biological and helps to read through asymmetry. The designers were inspired by the chairs, among other things: “Instead of making it soft, rely on stiffness, which is good for the back.”

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Huge view Borrowed from German street signs, which, above all, should have been remotely legible. This is still an advantage of Aaron Bell’s font, for which he also looked at German DIN standardization. He describes the result with a “trendy mechanical style”.


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