bZ4X: Toyota’s first Pure Stormer with a 10-year battery guarantee

bZ4X: Toyota's first Pure Stormer with a 10-year battery guarantee

According to its own statements, the auto conglomerate Toyota is now ushering in a new era – the Japanese are now entering their first all-electric vehicle. The new Toyota bZ4X will launch next year and is surprisingly conservative.

Toyota bZ4X is the first pure stromer from Toyota. The automotive giant had been a leader in hybrid technology for years, with vehicles like the Prius taking a significant leading role – but owners had until now strongly opposed a purely electric vehicle. Now yesterday’s news.

Toyota’s first pure…
Toyota bZ4X… Electric Car


Toyota has created a completely new platform for vehicles. So you rely on a vehicle that is planned as an electric car through and through. This platform is called e-TNGA and should represent the beginning for further models. The BZ4X starts with a 71.4 kWh battery, which provides a range of up to 450 kms. The bZ4X comes with either one or two engines and comes as either four-wheel or front-wheel drive. Incidentally, “BZ” stands for “beyond zero” and 4X for the small SUV’s off-road capabilities.

Toyota also installed a heat pump and, according to the manufacturer, an “efficient heating system” to make the vehicle winter-friendly. Toyota decided to use a CCS2 connection that supports charging over a 150 kW fast charging column. As a minor special feature, there is a solar roof, for an additional fee, which provides at least a small amount of electricity. Under optimal conditions, the solar roof should be able to achieve a range of up to 1,800 kilometers per year. It’s not a lot, but an interesting story to direct.

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However, Toyota hasn’t slept for the past few years. Your new introduction immediately attracts with some advantages that would be difficult for the competition to type. Toyota is launching the 10-year battery guarantee with the promise that 90 percent of the capacity should be available even after these ten years. In the case of competitors, such promises are usually targeted for 80 percent and last up to eight years.

Prices and availability still unclear

Almost nothing is known about the prices and model variants. It is also not yet disclosed when Toyota will start ordering the new bZ4X and when will the deliveries of the first vehicles take place. However, the first vehicle should be available in Europe in 2022.

car, vehicle, toyota, bZ4X
car, vehicle, toyota, bZ4X

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