Can food kill the flu virus?

Rolls are not among those foods that can protect against the flu virus - that's what US researchers want to find out.
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People who follow the ketogenic diet largely avoid carbohydrates. Can it be healthy? Researchers want to get a signal that speaks for it.

  • Olive and canola oils, cream, beef, pork, avocados, vegetables: all of these foods are included in the keto diet menu.
  • On the other hand carbohydrates found in bread, bananas or sugar are forbidden.
  • In general, nutritionists recommend a balanced diet that doesn’t exclude any food group—the keto diet goes off the grid here.
  • Nevertheless, in some cases it should be a suitable remedy for reducing obesity or reducing chronic diseases.
  • However, the attending physician should always decide whether the keto diet is a sensible approach.

Like many diets, the keto diet is not very well researched. One reason for this is that every body metabolizes food differently. are also Nutrition Studies Poorly Controlled, If, for example, a questionnaire about eating habits is to be filled out, it cannot be ruled out that the examinees are deceiving – and perhaps do not tell about the bag of chips of the previous day.

High-fat diet for flu: Keto diet stimulates mucus production

However, in a mouse experiment, scientists at Yale University in the United States were able to demonstrate an effect of the keto diet that can be used in the fight against obesity. fever may be an important factor. The results of the study published on the expert portal Science Immunology: Rodents fed a high-fat, low-carb diet for a week and then exposed to influenza virus, more likely to survive compared to mice that were not on a ketogenic diet.

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Rolls are not among those foods that can protect against the flu virus – that’s what US researchers want to find out. © Mark Müller / dpa

survey on the topic

Researchers around study author Vishwadeep Dixit doubt the reason for the improvement Influenza virus protection The fact is that the keto diet changes the way immune cells in the lungs respond. A high-fat diet is said to encourage the formation of mucus in the inner walls of the lungs., which means more difficult conditions for the influenza virus. According to the study, the mice that ate keto were able to maintain their weight better, which is also an advantage in case of illness.

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Keto diet: The effect was not very clear – further studies have to follow

To be able to transfer the results of the study to humans, more research is needed according to the study authors. Also against the background that the positive effects on the immune system were not very clear, further investigations have to follow. Seven out of 25 mice not on the keto diet and ten out of 33 mice on the keto diet survived the flu, As reported by Business Insider,

to study

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