Canada: Anglers set 300 kg . Overweight sturgeon caught

Canada: Anglers set 300 kg .  Overweight sturgeon caught

Do you still remember your first pike? First Perch or First Carp? The answer is probably: Of course! Catching a specific fish for the first time creates a lasting memory. And two anglers from the Canadian province of Alberta will remember their first sturgeon for a very, very long time.

Canadian anglers never fished for sturgeon

Steve Ecklund had received several invitations to go sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River. The river flows 1375 km through British Columbia in the west of the country and empties into the Pacific. It is considered an excellent sturgeon water – huge specimens are regularly reported from there. Ecklund eventually went fishing on the Fraser River and brought his friend Mark Bois to guide him.

Both anglers were novices when it came to sturgeon. “We’ve never fished for sturgeon, never went to the Fraser River,” Ecklund told Global News. In retrospect, however, it was revealed that he had accepted the invitation. Fraser River Monsters Fishing Adventures was accepted – because the “greenhorns” hooked a giant sturgeon straight up.

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“We got on the boat as outsiders”

The drill should last two hours. During this, the sturgeon dragged the anglers’ boat up and down the river for a total of three and a half kilometers. When the fish jumped out of the water, you could already guess how huge it was. After a long time he began to tire, so Ecklund and Bois were able to get him to the boat with the help of guides.

“It was really unbelievable,” Boise said of the catch. Anglers shared photos and a video of the exercises on Facebook, where they immediately caught the attention. In a second post, Eklund thanked the guides for making this incredible experience possible for them. “We got on the boat as underdogs and back like Tyson Fury,” he wrote. (Tyson Fury is a British heavyweight boxer.) “Two newbies with two river monster guides. What happened was really unbelievable.”

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Sturgeon was over 100 years old

The size of the sturgeon was well above the size of the usual “first fish”. He was over ten feet tall and reportedly weighed 700 pounds. This corresponds to 317 kg. Guides estimated the fish to be about 110 (one hundred and ten) years old.

Sturgeon in the Fraser River is protected by strict catch and release. Since 1994 not a single fish can be taken from the water. Before the reset, the onboard guide tagged and photographed the giant, pristine fish. The guide then sent all the data and photos to the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. Non-profit organization dedicated to Valuable Holdings. Thus, anglers not only experienced a great fight, but also contributed to the preservation of sturgeon in the river.

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