Canada beat Finland in the new edition of Finale 2019

Canada beat Finland in the new edition of Finale 2019

Canada is back on the ice hockey throne! (playing to read in game1-ticker)

In overtime, the North Americans scored a decisive 3–2 through Nick Paul, thus securing their 27th world title.

The Finns got off to a good start. Canada hit the gas from the start and had chances, but the Scandinavian scored the first. In the Finns’ second power play, the Canadian had the opportunity to counterattack 1–0, but in the end it was the defending champions under Mikel Ruohoma who took the lead (9th). However, it was not an official power play hit, as penalty time ended one second before the hit. (playing to read in game1-ticker)

But even Canadians can outdo them. They could not use a 5-on-3 majority, but Conor Brown missed the following 5-on-4 and provided a qualified draw with a wrist shot from the blue line.

Vaar bad luck! cheers for free canada

In the 37th minute, the Canadian team changed the course of the game. With his Showcase series centered around Brown, he put a lot of pressure on the gas and Adam Heinrich pushed a Brown pass into the network – but the joy was short-lived. After a request for video evidence by the Finnish coach, the referee withdrew the hit. Brown was a tick early in the finish third and thus created an offside position.

It got louder in the last third. Finland goalkeeper Juho Olkinuora suffered a dramatic dropout in the 45th minute, but Brandon Pirie was unable to make use of it. In turn, Petrie Lindbom took care of the new leadership of the Northern Europeans. Jere Salinen takes a look at Darcy Kumper in the Canadian goal and Puck hits the post.

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henrik force overtime

But Canada didn’t give up and taking advantage of another goal scorer, Ruhoma had to go to the penalty bench for tripping – 2-2 (53rd) through Henrik.

The decision had to be made in overtime for the eighth time in the history of the Ice Hockey World Championship.

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Canada continues thanks only to Germany

Curious: The story of DEB selection is the same with both the teams. Against Finland, the German skating cracks almost 1:2 lost twice. Canada, on the other hand, lost 3–1 to Germany in the group game and advanced to the knockout rounds only thanks to a German rifle assist. A draw between the Germans in the last group game against hosts Latvia would have ended Canada.

Andrew Mangiapen was a key figure to the turnaround. After three losses in the beginning, he joined the team and scored points in every game. As a result, he was also chosen as the MVP of the tournament.

The record world champion is now the first title holder to win the title, despite three losses at the start of the World Championships tournament. Finland won the silver medal at the World Championships for the ninth time.

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