Canada: E-scooter ban decided in Toronto

Canada: E-scooter ban decided in Toronto

Due to numerous complaints from people with disabilities, Toronto City Council unanimously decided in May to maintain the current ban on e-scooters in public places.

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on May 5, 2021 Toronto City Council (Canada) unanimously opposes approval of any e-scooters pronounced in a public place. The implementation of pilot projects was also refused.

The reason for the decision is the potential risk to other road users: inside, especially disabled and elderly people, and the expected regression in terms of accessibility in the city.

Organizations’ objections to employees with disabilities as well: Inside the city, Toronto had a decisive influence on the city council’s decision Advisory Committee on Accessibility and Infrastructure and Environment Committee.

jeopardizing security and low access

Criticism on the one hand is associated with the danger of the elderly and disabled people, because drivers of e-scooters with speeds up to 20 km / h do not need to meet any requirements (driving license, training, insurance, ..). .)

Vehicles are especially dangerous for blind and visually impaired people when they are moving, because they are almost noiseless, and when standing, because they can be parked anywhere. On the other hand, they can be parked on the sidewalk. Wheelchair Users: Inside they can become an insurmountable obstacle.

E-scooters raise costs for taxpayers

The possibility of banning e-scooters only on sidewalks was dismissed by Toronto law enforcement officials, as such a ban could only be enforced by a massive increase in staff.

This in turn would result in higher costs for the taxpayers. Also, it will increase due to increase in health insurance expenses, which will be required for treating injuries after e-scooter accidents.

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