Canada: Ex-prisoner Thanks Guard

Canada: Ex-prisoner Thanks Guard

January 20, 2021 – 6:12 pm The clock

Unusual thanks to prison guards

One is rarely praised by one’s “clients” as prison guards. All the more surprising for a prison guard from Langford, Canada (Vancouver Island) who received your card from a former inmate who spent several days in police custody. In a card sent to the Canadian police, the woman gives four and a half stars to the detention center.

Police posted letters on Twitter

According to a letter the local police wrote on Twitter on Monday, she was “nervous” to spend time “with you guys” on Vancouver Island. But everyone was sociable and helpful.

The former prisoners were particularly enthusiastic about “four prison guards who do a difficult job”. Because they are often underestimated by the people they need to take care of. He closed his letter with “four and a half stars” and a smiling face.

Canadian Police Thank You Card

Police spokeswoman Nancy Sagger told CTV News that she could not recall a case in which the guard had received such a card from a previous prisoner. The message was very good and the sender tried a lot. And he is very satisfied with the rating.

Of course, all prisoners will be respected. “While you’re in jail, you still have rights,” Sagar said. “And we will respect them.” The guard never had any trouble with the woman who wrote the Thank You card.

Mostly positive responses

For confidentiality reasons, police did not identify the woman or the reason for her arrest. According to Nancy Saggar, reactions to the Twitter post were largely positive. Many people thought the thank you cards were “the most Canadian things they’ve ever seen,” she told Global News.

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The front is also full of gratitude

The card front is also filled with gratitude.

© West Shore RCMP

The former prisoner’s gratitude is not only reflected in the text of the card, but also on the front of the card. There is a drawing showing three suitcases, above which the text is: “If for some reason our plane got into trouble, I would first help you put on an oxygen mask and then take care of me.”

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