Canada issues travel warning for Ukraine – due to “Russian aggression”

Canada issues travel warning for Ukraine - due to "Russian aggression"

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The Canadian government on Sunday urged its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine because of “Russian aggression”.

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“We have changed the risk level for Ukraine to avoid non-essential travel due to ongoing Russian aggression and military build-up in and around the country,” the government said on Twitter.

Many people of Ukrainian origin live in Canada.

Several Western countries and Ukraine have repeatedly accused Russia of “acts of aggression” and of preparing to invade Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has repeatedly denied the allegations. The country has the right to move its troops within its borders as it pleases. Russia attributes the transfer of its troops, including areas bordering Ukraine, to a military exercise that is not directed against anyone.

Russian officials also emphasized that the statement about the “Russian offensive” was an excuse to increase the number of troops on the East Coast.

“False allegations” – Kremlin spokesman on alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine

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