Canada: Justin Trudeau Fakes Greta Thunberg

Canada: Justin Trudeau Fakes Greta Thunberg

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fallen for a ploy by opponents of Greta Thunberg. Russian YouTubers Wladimir Kuznetsow and Alexej Stoljarow have published an audio file in which Trudeau can be heard talking to alleged Greta Thunberg. He greeted him there with “Hello Greta” and answered questions from NATO, world peace and Donald Trump.

The fake Greta said, among other things, that government leaders would behave like children. He advised Trudeau to “leave NATO, lay down arms, pick flowers and enjoy nature.” Trudeau then praised her for her “perspective” and her “passionate words”.

In front of the Canadian portal »IPolitics« A government spokesman said that when Trudeau discovered that he was not talking to the real Greta, he cut off the conversation.

The two YouTubers Kuznetsow and Stoljarow have previously betrayed Elton John, Prince Harry and the designated US Vice President Kamala Harris. Critics accuse both of being in contact with the Russian secret services. Kuznetsov and Stolirov deny these allegations.

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