Canada: Justin Trudeau’s government survives no-confidence vote

Canada: Justin Trudeau's government survives no-confidence vote

He is considered one of the world’s most popular politicians and one of the hopes of a liberal agenda. Recently, however, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to contend with some unrest in the house. Now, however, his liberal government has withdrawn a vote of no-confidence due to the Committee of Inquiry requested by the conservative party.

This means that there will be no preliminary elections in the North American country. The Conservatives had formed a committee to investigate the government’s alleged corruption – Trudeau’s government had decided to vote on the government’s future.

Members of the leftist liberal “New Democratic Party” and the Greens did not vote against the government, so the application was rejected. Trudeau’s liberals lost their absolute majority in the election a year ago and, as a minority government, always relied on the opposition’s votes.

Over the past few months, Trudeau has been under pressure to award millions of government contracts to a charity with which he has close family ties. Prior to an ethical committee, the Prime Minister later spoke of a mistake.

Lots of questions about millions of government programs

In late June, Trudeau’s government hired WE Charity to implement Canada’s $ 900 million government program. The program will grant up to $ 5,000 to students who volunteer for the nonprofit during the coronovirus epidemic.

The award was criticized by the opposition as Trudeau and several members of his family were invited to speak by the WE charity in the past. Trudeau’s mother, brother and wife received fees totaling approximately $ 300,000 from the organization. The founders of WE Charity have now pulled out of the deal due to ongoing criticism. In the midst of the affair, Trudeau’s Treasury Secretary, Bill Mornew, resigned astonishingly in August.

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