Canada Nord wants to return five more turbines for Stream 1

Canada Nord wants to return five more turbines for Stream 1

Canada wants to return five turbines used in Russia’s natural gas pipeline. Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie has said so, according to a report by Canadian broadcaster CBC. In July, the government issued a waiver for the shipment of a total of six turbines to Germany. The turbines are serviced in Montreal. Then, the report says, they will be handed over to the Russian state-owned company Gazprom.

Where the five gas turbines are to be used is not clear. Gazprom reported only on Thursday: “Currently, the gas turbines of the Portovaya station in Canada (the starting point of Nord Stream 1 in Russia) are not being serviced.”

Gazprom operates the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which supplies natural gas to Germany and other European countries. One turbine has already been sent back to Germany. Gazprom has so far refused to accept them, citing technical problems. Further documentation would also be needed to show that the device was not subject to Western sanctions.

Zelensky: “Symptoms of Weakness”

Despite Gazprom’s refusal, Jolie told CBC News Network that a return to the five remaining turbines was still planned. “That’s the decision we made,” Jolie told presenter Hannah Thib√©deau on Wednesday. “That’s exactly what Germany told us to do.” Ukraine had criticized Canada for agreeing to Germany’s request to lift sanctions from Siemens Canada so that the company could return the turbines.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky said the Kremlin would see the move as a sign of “weakness”. The federal government, on the other hand, defended the move necessary to secure Germany’s gas supply. Ottawa also argues that the Kremlin used Canada’s refusal to return the turbines to lay the blame for Europe’s energy shortages on sanctions against Russia. This could undermine Western public support for Ukraine.

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