Canada: Temperatures reach peak due to record heat

Canada: Temperatures reach peak due to record heat

Vancouver –

A heat wave in western Canada causes temperatures to rise to record levels. The local weather authority said on Twitter that a temperature of 47.9 degrees was measured in Lytton (province of British Columbia) on Monday.

  • Record heat in Canada: 47.9 degrees
  • Highest temperature in country’s history
  • Expected heat in the coming days

Accordingly, this was the highest temperature in the history of the country. The values ​​are provisional and can still be updated, it said on the website of the responsible authority. Especially shocking: There were 25 reports of sudden deaths across Canada in just 24 hours! So this heat is deadly…

Canada facing extreme heat wave

In Lytton, the centuries-old record of 45 degrees in Midley (Saskatchewan) since 1937 was surpassed on Sunday with 46.6 degrees.

In many other places in North America, including the state of Oregon in the western United States, record local temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius.

In the coming days, there is a possibility of heat and continuous drought in large parts of the country and the risk of forest fire is increasing in many places. Currently recorded temperatures in western Canada are sometimes even higher than in locations farther south, such as the US desert city of Las Vegas. (dpa)

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