Canada: Tesla driver slept in car – 150 km / h

Canada: Tesla driver slept in car - 150 km / h

One of the selling points for Tesla is the car’s ability to run partially autonomously. But as is happening now in Canada, the manufacturer certainly should not have thought so. There the police stopped a Tesla that had previously been seen on the highway at extremely high speeds. The two occupants of the car apparently fell asleep while driving.

However, the charges against the 20-year-old driver have now been officially announced. He is accused of speeding violations and endangering road traffic. He will have to answer in court in December.

A highway patrol discovered the Tesla Model S near the town of Penoka. The car was traveling at 140 instead of allowing 110 kilometers per hour. The RCMP statement said, “Both front seats were completely flat and both occupants were asleep.” When the officers of the patrol car wanted to draw attention to themselves with blue lights, the police said – “Exactly 150 kilometers per hour”.

“You can’t see any occupants through the car window,” police officer Derry Turnbull told CBS News. I have been with the police for 23 years, most of the time the traffic is with the police. This makes me speechless. “

This is not the first such case in Canada. Police fired only one Tesla driver in January. He had grabbed both hands from the steering wheel to flow the spaces between his teeth – at 135 km / h.

In Germany, advertising with “autopilot” is not allowed

In the US, officials are currently investigating a number of accidents related to the “autopilot” function of Tesla vehicles. In one case, the driver was playing on his cell phone at the time of the accident.

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In any case, the ceremony is controversial, in Germany Tesla is not allowed to advertise with the word “autopilot”. “Autopilot” is not an actual self-control system, just a driver assistance system.

Tesla always states that the person behind the wheel should always observe the traffic conditions and control the vehicle. In Germany, fully autonomous cars are not permitted under applicable regulations.

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