Canada: Tornado devastated entire roads in Baria

Canada: Tornado devastated entire roads in Baria

Barry. The Canadian city of Barrie, Ontario was hit by a tornado on Thursday. According to media reports, eight people were injured. “I can’t tell you how incredible it is that no one was killed,” Mayor Jeff Lehmann of the city, about 100 kilometers north of Toronto, told a news conference.

The tornado damaged at least 25 homes, three of which were completely destroyed, reports CBC News. “The loss is devastating. It is substantive. It is huge,” a police spokesman insisted. A Twitter video shows the extent of the damage.

Tornado eyewitness: “The house was shaking”

In addition to several homes, cars, gardens and roads in the southeast of the city were also damaged. Those affected told CBC News that they had fled to the basement. “We could hear the tornado over us,” said an eyewitness. “The house was shaking. It happened so quickly, we had no idea when it would stop.”

As the storm progressed east, several severe thunderstorm warnings continued to be issued. Earlier, a storm warning was also given in Barrie.

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