Canada tour: Pope criticizes unequal distribution of wealth

Papst Franziskus (m.) neben Justin Trudeau (l.) und der Generalgouverneurin Mary Simon. Foto: Gregorio Borgia/AP/dpa

Pope Francis (center) next to Justin Trudeau (left) and Governor General Mary Simon. Photo: Gregorio Borgia/AP/DPA

Meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau: Head of the Catholic Church talks of a scandal that prosperity does not benefit all sections of society.

Quebec – During his visit to Canada, Pope Francis criticized the uneven distribution of wealth during a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“It is a scam that the wealth created by economic growth is not benefiting all sections of society,” said the 85-year-old leader of the Catholic Church in Quebec. Many people turned to the church for help. “Even in a developed and advanced country like Canada, which pays great attention to social welfare, there are few homeless people.”

In his own words, Francis found it “tragic” that Indigenous peoples often have high levels of poverty, associated with low schooling and difficult access to housing and health care.

The Pope went to Canada to fulfill the request of the natives there and to ask for their pardon. They wanted the Pope to apologize for decades of abuse at church-run boarding schools. For the evils committed by Christians against indigenous peoples, “I express my shame and pain and, along with the bishops of this country, I repeat my petition for pardon,” Francis said.

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