Canadian Brendan Butcher remains undefeated in curling world

Canadian Brendan Butcher remains undefeated in curling world

Canadian Brendan Butcher was challenged in many ways in his first three matches at the BKT Tires and OK Tire World Men’s Curling Championships.

His Edmonton-based team was organized each time and resulted in a perfect track record.

Butcher’s final win came on Saturday morning with a 7-5 win over a daring Danish team that defeated the Dads Niregård. The victory came after his victory over Scotchman Bruce Mawat before being re-tested by Canadian Japanese Utah Matsumura.

Butcher said, “When there are some ups and downs, it is very difficult to win.” “I think the three games have a little bit of good that we like in different ways.”

Look Canada is still unbeaten after defeating Denmark in Realms:

Brandon Butcher and his Canadian ice rink four are still unbeaten at the World Curling Championships in Calgary after defeating Denmark 7-5 on Saturday morning. 0:47

Metzger trailed a pair 6–2 at the fifth end and won at the tenth end when the fourth stone of the Dane was difficult for Mikel Kruse. Canada no longer had to throw its last stone.

Butcher, deputy Darren Molding, second Brad Thiessen, and captain Carrick Martin were all in great shape, with each player throwing at least 86 percent.

“We gained a little edge in the first two games and today I thought we were really tough,” Boucher said.

Norgaard threw a second stone for Denmark, the team that is taking part in the World Cup for the first time. Kruse, the 66 percent weak man of the day, had to equal 1 goal at the first end, as only Denmark won the game.

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Butcher tied three of the next four ends with a soft kick and a goal tied with a two-steal on the fifth. Kruse was easy in a three-tie game.

Denmark had a chance of the pair returning to the game in the seventh inning, but Kruse rubbed a goalkeeper to drop another bowler.

Metzger was tough with a nine-point tie to give Denmark a double-digit lead. On the tenth, Kruse sat under the bonnet, but saw the last stone behind the 12-foot ring.

The Canadian team took the rest of the day before the game on Sunday against Swiss Peter D’Cruz in the 8: 5 winner German Sixteen Tutek.

In other early games, Sved Niklas Aiden beat American John Shuster 8-5 and Scotland defeated Dutch Jaap van Dorp 9-4.

Schuster recovered with a 7-5 win over Tutsik in the afternoon and Eden needed an extra finish for a 7-6 win over Italian Joel Retezaz. Sergei Glukhov of the Russian Curling Federation defeated Chiang Xuo of China 10-6, while Stefan of Norway and Stadian Yong Seok Jeong of South Korea defeated 9–2.

On Saturday, Switzerland beat Japan 8-5 and Denmark against the Netherlands 14-5. Wallstad and Norwegian defeated China 9–5, while Scottish South Koreans lost 11–4 to Mewat.

The game continues on the Robin Tour until Friday afternoon.

Norway led the standings 4–0 after six draws, while Canada, the Russian Killing Federation and Switzerland trailed 3–0. Scotland is then 2–1 ahead of Italy, Sweden and the United States.

Japan was 1-2 while Denmark was 1-3. Germany were undefeated with 0: 3, China, South Korea and Netherlands 0: 4.

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The runners-up, who finished second in the 14-man round, won the semi-finals on 10 April. Teams that sit third to sixth in qualifying matches compete against the winners to reach the semi-finals.

The medal game will be held on 11 April. The six best teams will also win the country’s wealth in the 2022 Olympic Winter Games to be held in Beijing.

Eden defeated Kevin Coy of Canada in the final of the 2019 World Cup in Lethbridge, Elta. The 2020 program was canceled due to the epidemic.

Spectrum is not allowed at the WinSport Arena, as it recently did in Canadian men’s, women’s and mixed doubles tournaments.

The Grand Slams are on the bubble calendar ahead of the Women’s World Qualifier at the end of April.

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