Canadian history and diverse culture from the Royal Canadian Mint imprisoned in two new golden creations

Canadian history and diverse culture from the Royal Canadian Mint imprisoned in two new golden creations

Klondike-Goldfund5-9 is thought to be in pure gold and glitters Ukrainian pysanka art on an egg-shaped coin

OTTAWA, OntarioJanuary 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Royal Canadian Mint has released two new gold coins that mark important chapters in Canadian history and showcase local innovation. 1 ounce, 99.999% pure gold bullion opens new coin, a new series, the newest addition to Mint’s long line of coins 125th. The famous Klondike gold rush anniversary, while the latest Ukrainian Easter egg-inspired collector coins feature a carefully engraved design celebrating the eternal renewal of spring.

2021, for $ 200; 1 ounce 99.999?% Pure Gold Coin – Klondike Gold Rush: after sleep Pan

I am August 1896 Khoja Kish (Skookum Jim Mason), his nephew Gox (Dawson charlie), Sha Tola (Kate Carmack) and her husband, George carmac, Nuggets at Rabbit (Bonanza) Creek in Yukon Territory, Canada. This amazing discovery led to a three-year horde of gold seekers in the northern jungles searching for wealth. The resulting mining boom made Canada a major gold producer and encouraged its use Yukon To the Confederation. It also accelerated the establishment of the Royal Canadian Mint. Ottawa And their world-class gold refinery.

The gold rush also had disastrous consequences for the local environment and the indigenous communities of the Klondike region. They have been displaced and undermined their traditional way of life – a legacy Canada still struggles with today.

The reverse artwork of this coin shows the artwork of the accomplished coin designer. Steve hepburn. His depiction of a gold miner is one of the most enduring symbols of the gold rush. Gravel The water inside the pan and the water that shines when the material is lowered to reveal the precious stones of gold is exquisitely carved. The water flowing from the pan also enlivens the scene due to the coin’s safety feature. The coin bears the characteristic radial lines of all mint bullion coins and a micro-engraved maple leaf mark with number 21, which corresponds to the year of issue. It is presented in a credit card-like packaging, with a purity certificate signed by the mint’s chief inspector.

2021 $ 250 pure gold piecing coin

There are more than three million Canadians of Ukrainian descent and folk tradition derived from the verb at the time. halva (Write), still thriving in Western Canada and parts of Ontario, Quebec And maritime provinces. It is a spring ritual in which eggs are decorated by batting with wax with intricate designs and patterns. Although there are thousands of possible motifs, often geometric and vegetative motifs are used.

This egg-shaped coin, made from approximately two troy ounces of 99.99% pure gold, features a Pinesca design by a Canadian artist Dave melnichuk. The central form of the hen is a well-known symbol of breeding and breeding. Its tail feathers are adorned with beautiful sunflowers and each flower has eight petals, symbolizing eternity and balance. Rooster Surrounded by an everlasting band (bezkonechnyk “) with spectacular sunsets representing good luck and growth. Every element of this intricate pysanka is engraved in the smallest detail. The obverse of the coin shows the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. is. Susanna Blunt.

You can see pictures of this coin here.

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The Royal Canadian Mint is a state-owned company responsible for the mining and distribution of Canadian circulation coins and providing fully integrated precious metals services. It is one of the world’s largest and most versatile mining institutions and offers a wide range of internationally specialized, high-quality coin products and related services. You can find more information about Mint, its products and services at Follow Mint on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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