Canadian Puzzle on the Hard Butter in particular – Panorama

Canadian Puzzle on the Hard Butter in particular - Panorama

Butter is usually very hard, as anyone who owns a refrigerator knows. In general, you only have trouble with butter. For example, it is often taken from a bun. No wonder, because it makes almost everything very tasty. Which brings us to the next catch: that it has too many calories. The only thing that can’t help the butter is the bread side, which is supposed to always be on the floor, as Murphy’s Law states. He has long been refused, this is due to the height of the table, not the weight of the butter. It did him no good.

But let’s go back to problem number one: Hard butter is a matter that should not be underestimated. “Butters too hard” resulted in 29 million hits on Google, many search terms such as “social justice” or “discrimination” and even more than “vaccine problems”.

The excitement so far has been limited to private homes. Recently, however, the hashtag #buttergate has been spreading widely on social networks in Canada: reportedly, butter has been a particularly difficult affair for months, not even spreading it at room temperature can go. Columnists wonder that when the butter crisis started, dairy farmers set up working groups. One theory: farmers mix palm oil in their cows’ food to meet the increased demand – yes, Canadians are also using the epidemic to try new culinary recipes.

So what is the good news now? They feel that there are no other major concerns in Canada. So all is well

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