Candy Recall: Christmas Darling Could Be Dangerous

Candy Recall: Christmas Darling Could Be Dangerous

A well-known manufacturer is currently recalling one of its products. Consumption can be dangerous for certain groups of people.

Germany – Another food item is being recalled in Germany. This time it hits a popular dessert which is especially popular during the Christmas season.

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Food recalls in Germany: Christmas product poses potential danger

Specifically, the recall is about Nestle’s Smarties Advent calendar. The company states that the advent calendar has a “gluten-free logo” printed incorrectly and warns customers with gluten intolerance towards consumption.

The logo, incorrectly printed on the back of the Advent calendar, is a crossed-out ear of wheat. Nestlé announced that one of the figures in the calendar still included cereals: the number 24. So the product can become a problem, especially for people with gluten intolerance (more Recalls and Alerts on RUHR24).

Customers can return the Nestlé Smarties Advent Calendar

Wheat flour and barley malt extract, both gluten-containing ingredients, are correctly specified in the list of ingredients in the Advent calendar and even highlighted in bold. Nestle did not disclose why the product still has a “gluten-free logo”.

Customers who have gluten intolerance, also known as celiac disease, and who have purchased an advent calendar can return the item to Nestle and receive a refund.

This Smarties advent calendar is currently being recalled by Nestle.

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What is gluten intolerance? So Smarties shouldn’t eat advent calendar

Indeed, the Advent calendar should not be opened until December and the 24th tartlet should be eaten on Christmas Eve to maintain the wonder of the Christmas season. Anyone who is suffering from celiac disease and has already plastered the figure behind the 24th door as well as suffering from celiac disease should consult a doctor.

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Gluten intolerance is an autoimmune disease. Eating foods containing gluten causes inflammation in the small intestine, which can lead to diarrhea. Nestle explicitly advises that Smarties Advent Calendar is safe for customers who are not gluten intolerant.

Food recalls not uncommon in Germany

Recalls are made frequently in Germany. In many cases, it is caused by suspicious material or foreign bodies such as glass or metal. Recently, for example, a canned fruit was recalled from Reeve because it could contain dangerous glass fragments.

Missing or incorrect information about content is also always a reason for recall. Aside from the Smarties advent calendar, the same has happened with Edeka’s wine over the past few days. There was no related allergy notice for customers.

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