CD Projekt sets up new studios and receives support from BioWare veterans!

CD Projekt RED Vancouver

The CD Projec Group has received a great deal of information about this as part of a comprehensive strategy update Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher franchise and the company itself. The 25-minute video features countless, exciting insights behind the scenes.

One piece of crazy news concerns the entrepreneurial direction of CD Prozac. Vikas Studio has for the last three years Digital scapes Already assisted in the production of “Cyberpunk 2077”. According to the CD project, you did a “great job” in the meantime. He helped develop and adapt various features.

Digital scapes become part of CD project

Until now, digital scapes have provided only external support. But that will change from now on. Digital scape is now a Part of cd project. CDP integrates digital scapes into its own ranks “to expand competencies”.

The new development studio will hereafter be called CD Project Red Vancouver. This will be the fourth team with Polish teams in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw.

Marcin Chudi, head of Vancouver Studios, is positive about further collaboration:

“We are excited to join a studio that has had incredibly dedicated, far-reaching experiences such as The Witcher Trilogy or Cyberpunk 2077. We believe we can do our part with the gameplay and technology to make it even more attractive. “

This is an ideal opportunity for Canadian developers to be involved in CDP’s projects. And on the other hand, it is an advantage for the CDP to have access to talent from Canada.

After all, the latter have proved in the past that they have a lot to offer. Eventually, Digital Scapes was founded in 2012 by industrial giants such as Garrett Marks or Peter Donley, who were able to gain experience in BioWare, Radical Entertainment and Relic. You must like brands mass Effect, dead Rising or company of Heroes ran away.

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