ceasefire in gaza

ceasefire in gaza

Rockets have been flying between Palestinians and Israel since a military operation by the Israeli military on Friday. Now the ceasefire has come into force.

The Egyptian-mediated ceasefire in the Gaza conflict came into force on Sunday evening at 11:30 p.m. local time (CEST). Israel and the militant Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad had previously announced a separate agreement.

Israel had been carrying out airstrikes against the organization in the Gaza Strip since Friday, and militant Palestinians then fired more than 900 rockets at Israel. Rocket attacks on Israeli cities continued until shortly before the ceasefire. In the evening, alarm sirens also sounded in the coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv. The Israeli army also continued its attacks in the Gaza Strip until the very last.

Declaring the ceasefire, Israel and Islamic Jihad thanked neighboring Egypt for mediating the conflict. However, Jihad asserts its right “to react to any Israeli aggression,” the Palestinian organization said. Israel also stressed that it would respond harshly to violations.

Biden calls for investigation into civilian casualties

After days of heavy fighting, US President Joe Biden welcomed the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and urged an investigation into reports of civilian casualties. Biden said on Sunday, “My administration supports a timely and thorough investigation of all of these reports. We also call on all sides to fully implement the ceasefire and ensure that the Gaza Strip when fighting subsides.” Let fuel and humanitarian supplies flow in.”

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