Celebrity Big Brother 2021 (Sat.1): Twelve nominees revealed – the pop star and TV veteran’s widow

Celebrity Big Brother 2021 (Sat.1): Twelve nominees revealed - the pop star and TV veteran's widow

A new round is coming for “Celebrity Big Brother” presenters Marlene Luffen and Jochen Schropp.

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The first twelve candidates for “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021 have been announced. Who will be crowned the winner of the ninth season?

Munich – Fans of the well-known TV format will no longer have to wait long. The new version of the show will start from Friday (August 6th). “Promi Big Brother”. Last year, sports reporter legend Werner Heinsch was crowned the winner of the show Sat.1. Who will be his successor?

“Celebrity Big Brother” 2021: First Candidates Revealed – Initially Well-known Names

Rumors about potential candidates have been circulating for a long time, and on Tuesday morning the TV station gave fans the first relevant information. The names of the first “Celebrity Big Brother” nominees have been announced! Fans of reality formats in particular should look forward to Melanie Muller. The 33-year-old once won the RTL format “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” (2014). “Melanie Muller always shows a lot about herself: whether it’s her body or her thoughts, the 33-year-old presents herself just as she is,” promises the broadcaster in advance.

“Player Woman As She Is In The Book” Participates In “Celebrity Big Brother”

There is also Ina Aogo, who made headlines in 2021. A 32-year-old “player is female, as she confesses in the book”, describes Sat.1 as the new candidate. Her husband, former professional footballer Denis Aogo, resigned from his job as a TV specialist in the wake of a controversial statement. After this wife Ina took a strong stand.

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For this Some New Features in “Celebrity Big Brother” have to leave Daniel Krebich (TV clairvoyant), Mimi Gwozz (reality-star), There were already speculations about his move., and hire Rafi Rachek (ex- “Bachelorette” candidate). they are next Eric Synderman (former professional handball player) *, Heike Maurer (former ZDF Lottofi) and “Bauer such Frau” star Uwe Abel were among the first candidates revealed by Sat.1.

Sat.1 Announces Four More Names A Day Before “Celebrity Big Brother” Launches

The day before the first episode, Sat.1 also announced the season’s oldest candidate at a press conference so far: TV veteran Jörg Dreger (75), who was best known for the game show “Go on the Hole!” Known as the presenter of There is also. The station announced more names shortly after: in addition kickboxing world champion Mary Lange and Danny Lidtke (actors of “Cologne 50667”) are on the move. Also there is Daniella “Danny” Buchner, widow of Ballerman singer Jens Buchner. The duet became known through “Goodbye Germany”. As per the rumours, more surprise candidates will follow. * is part of soester-anzeiger.de IPPEN-MEDIA

The following candidates fight for victory in “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021:

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