Chad: Army reportedly killed hundreds of rebels

Chad: Army reportedly killed hundreds of rebels

There are soldiers in central african Piece of paper According to official information, several hundred rebels were killed fighting a militia. On Friday, Transitional Military Council spokesman General Azam Bermandoa Agouna said, “About 60 other fighters of the rebel movement have captured” Chad in Change and Unity in Chad “(FACT). In addition, according to Agounda, many vehicles and weapons were captured from the militia.

Six soldiers were killed fighting on behalf of the army. Information provided by the military cannot be verified by an independent party and journalists are not allowed to enter the war zone.

The conflict began on Thursday after occupying the city of Nocto, about 390 kilometers north of the capital N’Djamena. According to the Transitional Military Council, which has ruled the country since his sudden death Long-time ruler Idris Debbie Itno ruled on 20 AprilWho removed the city.

The rebels were out on 11 April, the day of the presidential election Libya Invaded Chad and marched towards the capital. According to official information, Dibe, who traveled to the front, was killed in a fight between the rebels and the army. His re-election was confirmed a day before. Hours later, his son Mahamat was installed as the President of the Military Council.

For pre-colonial power France and for Europe The oil-rich Chad is a militarily important partner in the Sahel region, which is threatened by several armed groups.

Chad is one of the poorest countries in the world. According to world Bank 42 percent people live below the poverty line. On the international scale of development, the Central African country ranks third from last.

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