Chancellor betrays Burbock and Habeck – Scholz shrugs off Greens – Domestic Policy

Chancellor betrays Burbock and Habeck - Scholz shrugs off Greens - Domestic Policy

On comedy TV, Olaf Scholz (SPD) is Mr. Schlumpf – as chancellor he is Mr. Schrumpf: he shrank the Greens in the first days of government…

And that is with the Merkel scandal: put the brakes on ambitious partners from the start! Angela Merkel (67, CDU) cashed in on the FDP’s tax reform plans in 2010 – and thus reduced FDP boss Guido Westervale († 54) to her original subject.

Scholz is now doing the same with Robert Hebeck (52) on the green issue of nuclear power: in Brussels, the chancellor helped ensure that nuclear power (France’s request) and climate-damaging Russian gas was made “sustainable”. to be supposed. The European Union. The anti-nuclear party completely cheated!

Under the direction of Annalena Berbock (41), Scholz made it clear: foreign policy is the top priority! His chancellor arranges appointments for Putin, personally explores the issue of Ukraine and the gas policy of the European Union – all the main issues of Bairbok!

Green? Angry – but helpless and helpless!

Formally, according to BILD, one of the top greenlists, Scholz’s approach can hardly be criticized: “He is the chancellor, the European Union and Putin is his level.” But: “An unfriendly act – we really can’t stand it.” Actually . ,

Green MP Dieter Jansek (45) has made it clear to BILD that he “expects clear language” from traffic lights when it comes to energy issues. He has leverage: none…

Green MEP Michael Bloss (35) shared a petition – only calling for measures “against the greenwashing of nuclear and gas”. As if greenery is the opposition…

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Finally: in the context of Russia’s policy (Scholz seeks a “deserved new start”), the Greens find support from the FDP’s external expert Frank Müller-Rosentritt (39): “We can only have a fresh start if the Russian The army and mercenaries arrive in Crimea and are going to eastern Ukraine. We need a clear, common course in the European Union that emphasizes this.” That is the position of the Greens.

But not Scholz’s and SPD’s…

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