Charlene von Monaco: the twins were expelled from school – Albert now gives reasons

Charlene von Monaco: the twins were expelled from school - Albert now gives reasons

News has been pouring in about the Monegasque royal family for months. Albert now explains why his twins were dropped from school and how Charlene is currently doing.

Monaco – Charlene von Monaco and her family have been in the media attention since the beginning of the year. The royal beauty traveled to Africa, became very ill there and recently returned. She was separated from her family for a long time and her twins Jacques and Gabriella had to live without their mother for a long time. He had to leave his country only a few days after his arrival. Prince Albert II spoke in an interview with American magazine People About the reason for their renewed separation. Now he shared an update on the current status of his two children.

Prince Albert talks about Charlene: His wife is suffering from deep exhaustion

As soon as Charlene reached her homestead, she had to leave again. Albert explained to the other PeopleThat his wife had to go to a clinic immediately. Princess Charlene is being treated at a facility “outside Monaco”, a decision the couple may have made together. The worried husband said the 43-year-old princess is suffering from severe exhaustion “both emotionally and physically”. He will need several more weeks of therapy to recover, so that Charlene will have to be separated from her family again. The twins will celebrate their seventh birthday in two weeks’ time, with Christmas in four weeks. Whether the emperor can return to family gatherings is in the hands of the doctors treating him.

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Charlene von Monaco: Another separation from her family

The absence of a mother leaves a deep void in the twins. Charlene was unable to support her children when she started school a few months ago or on the Monegasque national holiday on November 19. To make up for the shortfall, children were specially spoiled on national holidays. Jacques wore a Carabinieri’s noble uniform, while Gabriella wore a very chic hoodie with a veil. In an interview with the French magazine paris match speak out loud now divided.d Father about the welfare of his two disciples. Prince Albert always prioritized the future of his family and Monaco, which is why the twins dropped out of school.

Albert reveals why the twins were withdrawn from school

They had started school only a few months earlier, but at the end of October Jacques and Gabriella had to say goodbye to their classmates. The prince revealed that the royal lineage has been taught in the princely state since then. “You miss your mother. They support their mother by sending them lots of love. In this situation it is easier to teach Jacques and Gabriella in the palace”, Albert defends his decision, which he shares with Charlene Will be made together.

Princess Charlene of Monaco with her children Jacques (L.) and Gabriella (R.) in 2017. (collection photo)

© Valerie Hache / AFP

Jacques and Gabriella: Private Lessons at the Palace

Despite dropping out of school, twins are not isolated from the outside world. “Their four companions, two boys and two girls, joined the children with the same teacher as if they were in their school,” said the prince. In addition, private lessons at the palace are similar to the situation last year, when Jacques and Gabriella had to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, children should go back to normal school soon: “As soon as we can determine that the situation is improving, they will be taught normally again,” Albert assured. (Ale)

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