China apparently building replicas of US warships

China apparently building replicas of US warships

China is known for elaborate reproductions. As the satellite images show, the country has now apparently rebuilt American warships as well. They can be used to practice missile air strikes.

China Apparently scale-built replicas of American warships that could serve as targets for military exercises. Outlines of US naval ships, including at least one aircraft carrier, can be seen on satellite images from US company Maxar Technologies, available to AFP news agency. The photos were taken in October in the Taklamakan Desert in western China’s Xinjiang region.

For years, China has been developing missiles that are designed to target ships in a targeted manner. This also includes attacking bodies that can disable aircraft carriers. could possibly peking Use replicas of American ships to practice air strikes. Chinese Foreign Office spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Monday that he was “not aware of the situation” when asked about satellite images.

Completed by early October

An analysis of old satellite images shows that the replicas were first made between March and April 2019, said the US Naval Institute (USNI), which specializes in the Navy. “It was rebuilt several times and then largely demolished in December 2019. The construction site was restarted at the end of September this year.” The structure was apparently finished in early October.

As Usni announced, citing commercial security service Allsource Analysis, Beijing’s Taklamakan Desert has already been used for ballistic missile tests.

powerful military equipment

The Navy’s aircraft carrier structures are among the most powerful military equipment in the arsenal America. Among other things, a fleet formation led by a US aircraft carrier is currently stationed in the Pacific and oversees strategically important areas such as Taiwan and the South China Sea.

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The US considers Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea illegal. China claims practically the entire South China Sea. even Bruneihandjob Indonesiahandjob Malaysia, ns Philippines And Vietnam They claim parts of the maritime zone for themselves, which is of utmost importance to neighboring countries, both strategically and economically.

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