China is banning Mike Pompeo and other US citizens

China is banning Mike Pompeo and other US citizens

Chinese Foreign Ministry’s message doesn’t say exactly what it is: Beijing imposed far-reaching sanctions on Wednesday Mike pompeoFormer US President’s Foreign Minister Donald Trump, As well as other 27 US citizens. It includes former security advisors John bolton And former Chief Advisor Steve bannon Two other former confidants of Trump.

Pompeo therefore no longer allowed to go to mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau For travelling. In addition, approved individuals and any related companies are no longer allowed to do business in China. The reason for the sanctions is “insane actions that have severely affected China’s internal affairs,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry statement said.

During Trump’s term in office, relations between Washington and Beijing had deteriorated rapidly. Shortly before the end of the Trump administration, Pompeo once again tightened the tone: He officially accused China of “genocide” against the Muslim minority. Uighurs Front. “I believe this massacre is going on and we are seeing a systematic effort by the Chinese party state to destroy the Uygars,” Pompeo said.

The Chinese leadership has for some time been widely criticized internationally for its actions against the Uygars in Xinjiang. According to human rights organizations and researchers, China’s northwest province has at least one million Uygars and other Muslims closed hundreds in detention camps.

But the new government also clearly wants to continue the tough course towards Beijing: Although it does not agree with Trump’s all-round approach, it was right to adopt the tough pace, Foreign Minister-designate Antony Blinken said in his hearing in Congress on Tuesday said. There is no doubt that China is the biggest challenge facing the United States of all countries. He was convinced that the Congress had a bipartisan agreement to oppose Chinese politics. Blinken said he shared Pompeo’s allegations that the Chinese government was committing genocide against the Uygars.

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