China uses big data abroad – for business, in science and for surveillance

China uses big data abroad - for business, in science and for surveillance

Cameras monitor every corner of the country and river levels are measured electronically. China wants to use big data to improve and monitor the everyday lives of its citizens. Now the country is searching for data security.

Anyone who wants to get a glimpse of China’s data-driven future will be greeted a few moments later by the omnipotent Secretary-General: “It is Xi Jinping’s desire to take an innovative path to our province,” a young man Said in a dark slim suit and fashionable boxer haircut. He goes through the “Big Data Exhibition” in Guiyang, where the government is presenting the achievements of digital transformation on 7000 square meters. The rooms are reminiscent of a Star Trek film with wave-shaped LED lights, flashing displays and transparent table consoles.
The southwestern province of Guizhou, more than 2,000 kilometers from the capital Beijing, has developed into a veritable data mecca over the past five years. Whether China Mobile, Alibaba or Apple: All tech giants have set up huge data centers in mountainous areas, dug into mountain caves. The reason for choosing the location is simple: a mild climate ensures a quiet summer, which protects the computing server from overheating.

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