Churches have a long night – meditation is a spiritual place in Tulan

Churches have a long night - meditation is a spiritual place in Tulan

“This is another strong sign, of good cooperation among all religious communities, which are located in Tulan,” says project manager Michael Vogler happily.

“We will go to six spiritual rooms in several small groups.” Stephanie Jirgal

All visitors must register for a “Long Night of Spiritual Places” by May 21 under the municipal link:

“Depending on the number of participants, we will travel to six spiritual places in Tulan one after another in several small groups,” Stephanie Jirgal explains the well thought out process.

The Tuli Express and two buses, each with space for 25 people, are available as a means of transport for about 25 people.

The meeting place is at Tullan Central Station at 5.30 pm. Departure is then timed at 6 pm.

So that many people and all of them do not come to the respective spiritual place together, Tuli express and buses start simultaneously at 6 pm and go to the destination in staggered circle system.

This means three buses or Tuli Express arrive for each parish. End is at 9:50 pm, again at Tulan Central Station.

A tour of about 20 minutes is planned for each parish in the respective spiritual room.

It is important to follow the general conditions of the event. This includes FFP2 masks indoors and outdoors, 3G proof (vaccination, testing or retrieval) and distance rules.

The following travel stops are planned: Jewish Cemetery,

St. Stephen’s City Parish Church (Corner is visited here), Evangelical Church, St. Severin’s Church, Serbian Orthodox Church and Mosque of the Islamic denomination. The event is led by Evangelical Parish AUHB.

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Visitors will be distributed a flyer containing interesting information about the spiritual rooms.

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