Collaboration between Liebfrauenschule and IBP aims to network people: partnership through neighborhood management – Coesfeld

Collaboration between Liebfrauenschule and IBP aims to network people: partnership through neighborhood management - Coesfeld

A questionnaire is currently being prepared by the IBP and the students. “We are not only focusing on the immediate residents of Küchenstrasse, but want to reach people throughout the city center,” Feldkötter-Müssner explains. Concrete projects such as a common lunch, an open consultation or a room for meetings are being considered at the Libfraunschule. “We do not want to compete with other offers. The focus is on encounters. ”

One room that comes into question, among other things, is a former Kuchenstrasse 15. shop. It has been used by Liebfraunsuchule for some time and shares it with the parish, as school social worker Anja Moers points out. “We use it in many ways for various projects and exhibitions. I also like giving advice there, because the atmosphere in the school is different from this. ”

But the project benefits not only the people of the neighborhood, but also the school children. “We don’t have our own canteen and we have to take care of ourselves. The lunch menu will also be interesting for us,” says Möllers. In addition, through encounters with different people in different circumstances, students should also be shown a professional attitude, Marco Mousner, deputy headmaster. “In the field of educational science, you can get a lot of practical experience in social work. This helps many people to see their future career options and can also prevent a wrong turn. ”

A successful collaboration is also for Martin Althoff, Managing Director of IBP. “Based on such specific projects, students can make better decisions whether this is the right occupation. It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract skilled workers. Schoolchildren also get to know our client, for example homeless or chronological addicts. “During consultation, other problems often arise, for which planned neighborhood management can also result in solutions, Althoff said.

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A classic win situation for those involved. “You have to think everything all at once. Housing assistance, for example, provides advice, potential cultural events, but also for school children. “We want to do this in person to make first contact.”

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