Collaboration: Microsoft unveils Surface Hub 2 camera

Neue Kamera für Microsoft Surface Hub (Foto: Microsoft)

Microsoft The Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera offers corporate customers the ability to add a high-quality and Microsoft Teams-certified camera for hybrid video conferencing to their meeting rooms. The camera is equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor and a 136-degree field of view lens, which can simultaneously focus on objects that are both close (40 cm away) and far (8 meters away). The device can be used in conference rooms of different sizes. To do this, the device’s automatic framing technology dynamically adjusts the view of the room as someone leaves the room, other people enter the room, or someone interacts with the content on the display.

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The AI ​​control of the camera uses specially developed algorithms to ensure that people are seen equally in rooms with different lighting. The camera is attached via a magnetic attachment to the top edge of the Surface Hub 2S and thanks to the USB-C connection it’s compatible with current Surface Hub 2S devices in 50 and 85 inches. Starting May 31, 2022, Surface Hub 2S will be available with 85-inch Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera.

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