Compatriots in Canada: Transylvania Club Kitchener celebrates 70th anniversary

Compatriots in Canada: Transylvania Club Kitchener celebrates 70th anniversary

In 1951 the Transylvania Club was founded in Kitchener, Ontario. The 70th anniversary of the founding could not be celebrated in 2021 due to the global pandemic, so it was compensated with a ceremony on 19 November this year.

The Transylvania Club in Kitchener (TCK) celebrates its 70th anniversary, from left to right: Alfred Lavrik, TCK past president, John Werner, national president and TCK past president, founding members Katharina Werner, Johanna Paulini and Maria Sussmann, TCK President Reinhard Schmidt and former TCK President Hans Gross. Photo: Heidi Lavrik

The function started with the presentations of cultural groups. Our MC Bob Foster expertly guided us through the program. The brass band conducted by Andrea Emerick welcomed the guests. A group of children appeared in traditional attire and delighted their parents and grandparents with their dance performance. Heidimari Hesh, Rick and Christa Hesh as well as Lorien and Bob Schaus did a great job with the little ones. The Transylvania choir conducted by Andrea Emmerich entertained with some of the songs, the song “Nach mein heimat” accompanied by a brass band.

After dinner, the official part followed. Club President Reinhard Schmidt welcomed the guests. Then the last 70 years are reviewed in a raid on the city. Erika Schmidt, leader of the culture group, noted in her report that the Transylvania Club would not last long without the culture groups.

John Werner, federal chairman of the Landesmannschaft in Canada, reported on several exchange programs organized by the Landesmannschaften (Federation of Transylvanian Saxons) over the years and pointed to a cultural exchange with Austria in 2023. These exchange programs, such as youth camps or cultural exchanges, serve to strengthen the Transylvanian community in the world.

The visiting guests were welcomed. The highlight of the evening was the recognition of founding members still living in Kitchener. All seven members were welcomed, Anna Eichwald, Sophia Handel, Johann Paulini, Michael Paulini, Michael Pöschner, Maria Sussmann and Katharina Werner, but only three were present in the hall: Johann Paulini, Maria Sussmann and Katharina Werner.

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After the official part, the “Wildbane” dance band, conducted by John Frimm, played for the dance. The youth dance group headed by Amanda Musser skilfully performed some dances. It was the end of a beautiful day.

Children's group from the Transylvania Club in Kitchener.  ,
Children’s group from the Transylvania Club in Kitchener. Photo: Alfred Lavrik

Annual General Meeting and Costume Ball at Ailmer

After a break of two years, the annual general meeting of the Landesmannschaft took place in Aylmer on 5 November. The session was opened by the Speaker John Werner. A minute’s silence was held for the deceased members following a welcome by host, Dave Pfingstgraf. Mr Werner announced that 38 members had left us in the last three years. Most belonged to the Transylvania Club. The Chairperson gave an activity report, which mainly concerned the cancellation of projects such as youth exchanges and cultural exchanges. Along with this, information about upcoming activities was also given. We are all sure that it could happen next year.

Then new elections were held. Mr. Werner thanked outgoing First Vice President John Panteker for the work he has done over the past twenty years. Rebecca Horeth was confirmed in office as Deputy Federal President, Press Officer Hannelore Mather and Women’s Officer Rosemary Horeth.

After the meeting, the traditional costume ball took place, which was attended by guests from Kitchener and the surrounding area. During the parade of traditional costumes, the attendees were able to admire 24 pairs of traditional costumes. The Saxonia dance group enthralled us with their beautiful dances. The Transylvania Choir Kitchener and the Transylvania Youth Dance Group helped produce the program. “Seven Castles”, performed by director Ron Schatz for the dance. After a long gap, this festival was also a successful festival.

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Hannelore Matherth, Press Officer

merry christmas and new year

Dear compatriots, on behalf of compatriots of the Transylvanian Saxons in Canada, I wish all compatriots and friends near and far a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and happy New Year!

John Werner, Federal President

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