Controversy over turbines: Canada renews sanctions on Nord Stream 1

Controversy over turbines: Canada renews sanctions on Nord Stream 1

Status: 12/15/2022 03:44 AM

Canada has reinstated its sanctions on turbines for Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline. In the meantime they were decommissioned, which also made it possible to deliver the serviced turbines to Germany.

Canada is revoking a temporary exemption from sanctions for Siemens Energy turbines on Russia’s Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. “Canada is making this decision taking into account that the circumstances of the waiver have changed and it is no longer serving its intended purpose,” the foreign minister said. Melanie Jolley and Natural Resources Secretary Jonathan Wilkinson said in a joint statement.

The decision was made in close cooperation with Ukraine, Germany and other European partners.

blast damaged pipeline

The pipeline running under the Baltic Sea was shut down for repairs on 31 August, but was not put back into service until later. In September, both Nord Stream 1 and its sister pipeline, Nord Stream 2, were damaged by explosions.

According to European governments, the leaks were due to sabotage. Russian President Vladimir Putin called Western claims that Russia was behind the explosions “crazy” and blamed the West.

“Putin was forced to show that he never intended to restart Nord Stream 1 and that the pipeline is no longer operational,” the ministers’ statement said.

Canada had accepted delivery to Germany

Due to sanctions against Russia, Canada refused direct return transportation of the turbines, but accepted delivery to Germany for later transfer to Russia. Russia had previously cut gas supplies to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, citing a shortage of turbines operated by Siemens Energy in Canada.

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